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Welcome to  Bailey’s Battlefield, home of the Woodland Warriors and Panzer Attack !!    For information and reservations call 417-839-9299  or email at   billbailey68@yahoo.com

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Gunday 4 – Airsoft Event


Gunday 4 Flyer

Date: Sunday, January 24, 2016
Organized, milsim style games for your BB war needs.
Bring green and tan kit (just base/headgear, gear color doesn’t matter), in case team balancing is required.
Admission begins at 0800. Admission table will be located on the stage.
Time: 0900-1730
Location: Niangua, Missouri at Bailey’s Battlefield
Fee: $10 cash only
 HPA fill station on site
See Facebook page for more info
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Gunday – Airsoft Event

gundayEntry $10.00 cash only plus at least one canned good food for Glidewell Baptist Church food drive.

This is an all day Airsoft event that is mission oriented played on over 40 acres.  Buildings, bunkers and natural terrain.

Bring your gear, bring your buddies and prepare to have a great time.   Rental gear and bbs available if needed.

See Gunday 3 Facebook page for more info


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Monte Cassino at PaintballToGo


Monte Cassino Flyer

This event features two days of battles based on the historic beach landing at Anzio and assault on Monte Cassino. The game features missions, props, tanks, medics, bazookas, contests, prizes and much more. This year features Allied General Michael Fisher of RAW Dawgs against Axis General Brian Matthews of The St Louis Samurais. Come out for the fun, friends and adventure at PaintballToGo.

See  PaintballToGo or  Monte Cassino on Facebook for more info

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Pump Day at Baileys Battlefield

pumpDay2Entry is $25
Includes 500 rounds of paint. Co2 and n2 and rental gear if needed.
6 hours of old school paintball. When skill, patience and luck was all you needed.

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Operation Raven’s Rage – Airsoft Event


Operation Raven’s Rage Flier

Uniform Requirements:
Russian Forces: Woodland/Green based camo (No black)

U.S. Forces: Muticam, ACU, or tan based camo (No black)

Black Army: civilian attire, or a mixture of camo and civilian attire.

Gear color does not matter.

Date: Saturday, July 18th, 2015
Registration begins at 0800. Registration table will be located on the stage.
Time: 0900-1730
Location: Niangua, Missouri at Bailey’s Battlefield
Fee: $30 cash only

Camping will be available for those wanting to come up Friday evening. Gates will be open at 2 pm Friday afternoon.

Inside there is a lounge area for those hanging around and not playing. There is a couch, chairs and television if you want to watch movies.

Waivers will be available on site.

Safety Brief will be held at 09:00 am then game will start. After you sign in, go over to the chrono station, we will be checking all guns before the game.

More info on facebook


The Battle of Hürtgen Forest – Airsoft Event


The Battle of Hürtgen Forest has been rescheduled for 9 May 2015

The Battle of Hürtgen Forest is the name given to the series of fierce battles fought between U.S. and German forces during World War II, which became the longest battle on German ground during the war and the longest single battle the U.S. Army has ever fought. The Battle of Hürtgen Forest event, May 9, 2015 combines the best of historical re-enacting and airsoft together. This will be an immersive event that will take a look back into the 1940s using authentic uniforms and equipment along with scenarios that will have a distinctly WWII feel.  Non-reenactor players are welcome.  We have rules to allow players without a full WWII kit to participate.  Please check out the event calendar on this site or the events page of 29th Panzergrenadier Regiment Facebook for more info.

  Sponsored in cooperation with Mid-Missouri Airsoft and Bailey’s Battlefield.

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Operation Hunger Strike – Airsoft Event

Help us fight hunger and provide food for those less fortunate this Thanksgiving. Lets show the world the positive impact Airsoft can have on our communities.  Scheduled for Nov 1, 2014 at Bailey’s Battlefield.  See event calendar for more info

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