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Panzer Attack has been designed for all ages and skill levels of paintball players. If you play woodsball, Rec ball, scenario or even tournament style you will walk away from this game with a satisfied grin.

Our game consists of primary missions which are bases held for 1 hour at a time. these are worth 100 points. secondary missions which are given out every hour to teams to go and do or find a specific task or prop. there are also props scattered out for the 2 teams to find and turn in. in doing this you trade them for weapons or intel to make your game or day more fun. turn in 3 props and you can get a minefield,airdrop, anti-aircraft,intel report on enemy activity, mortars that take out entire bunkers etc…….

many teams come to this event each year. many of them are considered to be woodland warriors. these are team brought together by their known sportsmanship and fairplay. You can see many of these at in the forum section. feel free to use this forum for any questions you may have about this game.

We only want players that play with Honor and know how to have fun on the field and can also make new friends at the campsite. Our goal is to practice Safe and Fair gameplay during the day and to have fun, hear/tell stories and be entertained at the campfires at night.

I have met several people at this event and i maintain my friendships throughout the years and i hope to see you all again in 2015.



my thanks to you


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  1. billbailey68 says:

    The date for panzer attack is March 14-15. Pre-registration is $85 for entry and one case of field grade paint or $95 for entry and one case of premium paint. Prepaid paint is $45 per case for field grade and $55 per case for premium. Day of prices are $50 for entry and $55 per case of field grade and $65 per case for premium. To get these prices must pay with check, money order or credit card. Pre-registration ends March 7th. We accept checks up to preregister time.

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