Basic rules for eliminations and surrender

1. A player hit on the head and torso area, either in the side, front or back, is considered eliminated.

2.Players hit on their marker, arms, legs are considered wounded. They are not allowed to move or shoot their markers. they can only yell for a medic. They will have approximately 1 minute for a medic to reach them. Once a medic has reached them, the medic must first wipe off the hit, then punch the wounded players card and then the player may resume play. If no medic shows within the 1 minute time period, he or she is eliminated and must leave the playing area. They are not allowed to proceed through enemy lines to get visual information. they must leave the game the way they came into it.

3. Players that are wounded are still targets. They may be shot while they are yelling for a medic. A wounded player may surrender but this is up to them.

4.To acquire a surrender, you must ask the enemy to “surrender”. They can either reply “yes I surrender” or react by turning and shooting you. Be advised barrel tags do not work in this series and if you attempt this do not get mad if the enemy turns on you and shoots you.

5. Eliminated players are not allowed to tell other players information pertaining to the game. This means no talking to players or using radios when coming off the field or going to dead zones. No information is to be given from the dead zone or staging area from eliminated players or non-players using their radios. If caught all points available for that time period will be subtracted from the teams overall score.


1. Medics are identified by the medic bag they are issued and their game I.D. card. Medics must keep this bag in open plain site for all to see.

2. When a Medic hears a player yell for “Medic” you have 1 minute to get to that player, Whip off the hit or hits and punch his I.D. card. Once you have done this then the player may continue on and play the game. Medics are not immune to hits and they are not allowed to heal themselves or pass the medic bag to other players. Eliminated players must plug their marker and raise their marker in the air over their head and head back to their respawn point as fast as possible.

Dress Code

1. No orange, Yellow or Red Clothing or goggles  may be worn by players. these colors are reserved for Referees and staff only.

2. Axis players are not allowed to wear blue clothing or blue goggles Allied players are not allowed to use Red goggles..

3. Axis players may not use blue hoppers and Allied players can not use Red hoppers.

This is done to stop Idiots from trying to start problems before they enter the game. if you have to do this find another game to play in.

Basic rules

1. We allow the use of full auto markers (may vary from field to field). If we have players coming to us saying you are overshooting, then that player will be escorted off the field.

2. Grenades are allowed to be used. If you get any splatter at all on you, you are eliminated.

3. We do allow the dead mans walk. but if you raise your hand above your head or have in your barrel plug you are eliminated.

Radios and other forms of communication

1. On FRS radios, fields and referees will always be on channel 1. Players are not allowed to use this channel except under an emergency.

2. No jamming of the radio frequencies. If players are caught doing this they will be ejected from the game and asked to leave. People in the staging are are not allowed to do this either (children playing with radios, other non players thinking they are funny).

3. Players May snoop on the enemies channels but do not interfere with them.

4. Allied get even primary channels (2,4,6,8 etccc) Axis Get odd primary channels (3,5,7,etc)

Tanks, cannons and bazookas

1.Tanks must have 360 degrees of reasonable visibility.

2.Tanks must be mechanically able to get around the field. Specific tanks built for specific ares (props) may not need to go around the entire course. Brakes must work.

3.Tanks must have a hard surface on all 4 sides to place the kill stickers for paintball bazookas. 2 inches in the front 5 inches on the sides and 7 inches on the back. these must be centered.

4. A tank is destroyed if it is hit on its kill sticker (if paintball bazooka is used) or if it is hit by a nerf witnessed by a referee or the tankers themselves. All players are out inside the tank when this happens.

5. tanks must go no faster than the field allows. common practice is 5mph.

6. A ground guide is a neutral player that is outside a tank for safety. they must be wearing Referee colors. Do not shoot them.

7. A tank can only back up if it is using the ground guide.

8. The only time a tank can stop if it is pulled off the road and parked. a ground guide must be used to do this. While this happens the tank is a stationary bunker. a ground guide must be used to leave a parked area as well.

9. Troops on the same team can move with the tank but it must have a ground guide. if no ground guide, troops must remain 20 feet from the tank ( unless it is stationary).

10. If a player is in a bunker next to the road they are not called out on the 20 foot rule.

11. Players must yield  to tanks on the road. Tanks have the right of way.

12. We do not allow walking tanks in this series.

13.Tanks can only be destroyed by Mortars, Bazookas and anti tank landmines.

14. Tanks must have their own frs radio set to channel 1.

15. Tanks must supply their own 2 foot by 3 foot white flag and a Red or Blue flag signaling what side they are on.

16.Tanks must fly their team color so that all can see it (360 degree).

17. Players are not allowed to block roads by any means.

18. Tanks chrony at the same fps as players.

19. Tanks can be used as troop transports. if destroyed all are dead inside.

20. Tanks cannot haul props.

21. No nerf launchers with pvc air chambers will be allowed. all launchers will be inspected before the game starts.

22. 2 bazooka men will be allowed for every tank. Nerf launchers will only get 3 darts per quarter. paintball bazooka men have 100 rounds for the entire event.

23. Tank killers must inform referees they are about to kill the tank.

24. Tanks are not allowed to park within 100 feet of a primary base. they can stop and unload troops but if doing this players hit are out, and the tank must keep going once it has emptied safely.

Boundary lines, Starting bases, Etc

1. The playing field must be clearly marked for all players. Marker tape, Twine, Rope, etc… This boundary must be visible to players. This may be hard to do at night so be patient.

2. Each team will have a neutral starting area where their players can start. This is to make sure they get a clean start and not get hit instantly. The Generals use this area to do paperwork and stag props. This area will be marked with a boundary. Players can shoot out of this area but cant get eliminated in it.

3. There will be no camping in the dead zones. This means only dead players are allowed in this area. Players caught hiding here and shooting players (within the 100 foot Boundary) will be ejected from the game.

4. Boundaries set up to keep players out for their own safety, around barbed wire, thorns, etc…must be in yellow or orange.

Primary missions

A primary mission is scored at the top of each hour. This will be a main base with either a flag pole or the Slider system. when your team takes over a primary base, simply raise your teams color or push the slider to your teams color. Do not tamper with these systems in any way. players caught doing this will be ejected from the game. Primary missions are worth 100 points.

Secondary missions

There will be a total of 9 secondary missions. Secondary missions can be anything from doing a recon mission to sending a sniper team to eliminate a leader etc…Secondary missions are worth 50 points.


Props are items scattered on the field that you can pick up and redeem points for your side. Props will have identification cards on them. these will tell you if can take them or not. if they have a blue tag on them they are for the allied’s. Red indicates axis. You are only allowed to take your teams props. you may booby trap, or set up and snip whoever comes to get it but you are not allowed to hide it or move it in any way. Props are worth 25 points.

Referees and safety brief

The field is responsible for their own referees. They will have to sit through a briefing on how the game works. In this safety brief the boundaries and all the rules must be covered. How all the different characters work is very important. General, Medics, Sniper, Anti aircraft, Bazooka, Mortar and all the characters must be learned and understood.

A designated chrony area must be marked so all can see it. There must be at least 1 hand held chrony on the field.

All markers must chrony at no more than 285 fps..  markers must be chronyed at morning before game and during lunch break.


Primary missions are worth 100 points. Secondary missions are worth 50 points. Props are worth 25 points. Sniper kills are worth 5 points and tank kills are worth 5 points. Each time a tank gets safely around the field it is worth 5 points (once per hour per tank).

Special Roles

General-Leader of each team. Worth 5 points if a sniper eliminates him


Sniper- Used to eliminate special players for points. Worth 5 points if shot by enemy sniper.

Tank- worth 5 points. must be shot by bazooka man or killed by mortar or landmine.

Anti-Aircraft- used to shoot down planes. Worth 5 points if killed.

Troop transport plane- must be killed by anti-aircraft. worth 5 points

Medic- Used to heal troops. Worth 5 points is eliminated by a sniper.

Engineer- Builds minefields. Worth 5 points if eliminated by a sniper.

Bazookaman- Kills tanks and destroys bunkers. Worth 5 points if eliminated by a sniper.