The Battle of Hürtgen Forest – Airsoft Event


The Battle of Hürtgen Forest has been rescheduled for 9 May 2015

The Battle of Hürtgen Forest is the name given цены to the series of fierce battles fought between U.S. cheap nfl jerseys and German forces during World War II, which became the longest battle on German cheap mlb jerseys ground during the war and the longest single battle the U.S. Army has ever fought. The Battle of Hürtgen Forest event, May 9, 2015 combines the best of historical re-enacting and airsoft together. This will be an immersive event that will take wholesale nfl jerseys a look back into the 1940s using authentic uniforms and equipment along with Bello scenarios that will have a distinctly WWII feel.  wholesale mlb jerseys Non-reenactor players are welcome.  We have rules to allow Follow players without a full WWII kit to participate.  world! Please check 2013 out the event calendar on this site or the events page of 29th Panzergrenadier Regiment Facebook for Ramadan more info.

  Sponsored Airsoft in cooperation with Mid-Missouri Airsoft and Bailey’s Battlefield.

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