Paintball Prices

       Green fee for paintball $10.00

                   All Day Air $5.00
          Paint- 500 rounds $15.00
Paint- 2000 round case $50.00

Player rental package includes ( goggles, marker, all day air and 500 rounds) $30.00

Group rate- $250 for up to 10 players 

This includes -1 case of 2000 rounds.

All gear needed and playing field for 3 hours. $20 additional for every player over 10 players. Extra paint is $50 per case of 2000 rounds.

                     Airsoft prices

       All day green field fee $10.00

Gun package for open play $25.00

This includes field fee, Airsoft gun and protective goggles and full hi cap magazine.

Group rates are $250 for up to 10 players for 3 hours. Includes all the gear you need and 5000 rounds.

Extra ammo is $20 per bag of 5000 

25 gram bbs.

Goggle rental is $5.00

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